Tony Conrad Interview by Brainard Carey, Praxis Interview Magazine, wybcz Yale Radio

August 16, 2019

Tony Conrad’s pattern-centric paintings and drawings are the result of an ongoing interest in various cultural and historical movements including Persian textiles, Tibetan Buddhism, psychedelic rock culture, and meditative states. Take a listen.


Rob Neilson Interview by Brainard Carey, Praxis Interview Magazine, wybcz Yale Radio

April 23, 2019

Rob Neilson is the Frederick R. Layton Professor of Art and Associate Professor at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. Born and raised in Detroit, he received a BFA in Fine Arts from the College for Creative Studies and an MFA in Sculpture from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Rob has exhibited his sculpture and drawings at galleries, museums, and alternative spaces nationally and internationally. Take a listen. 


Melissa Dorn Interview by Brainard Carey, Praxis Interview Magazine, wybcz Yale Radio

January, 2018

Melissa Dorn Richards works between painting and sculpture. She draws from common everyday objects, things often over-looked or passed by, as subject matter and infuses them with humor and expressive color. Dorn Richards is a Milwaukee-based artist, who holds a BFA from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. Take a listen. 


Fun With Politicians…and Others by Catherine Jozwik, Urban Milwaukee

October 4, 2019

The Frank Juarez Gallery presents Purgatory Misplaced, a series by Rob Neilson offering a novel twist on classic sculpture form, through October 26. Read more.

Art Scene: Why Juarez Gallery Returned to the Third Ward by Catherine Jozwik, Urban Milwaukee

August 26, 2019

The city’s “a thriving art community” says teacher, gallery owner and publisher Frank Juarez. Gallery owner, educator and artist Frank Juarez has become a formidable force in the Milwaukee area art community in the last decade. Read more.

Variety Is the Spice of This Exhibit by Catherine Jozwik, Urban Milwaukee

August 2, 2019

Show presents six artists of very different cultural backgrounds who all work in the same building.

The Frank Juarez Gallery’s latest exhibit showcases the work of six Milwaukee artists of different cultural backgrounds, working with a variety of media, including canvas, thread, graphite, acrylic, wood, and even spice containers. Memory, identity, and today’s social climate are several themes explored within the exhibit. Read more.

EYES ON MILWAUKEE: Inside Saint Kate The Arts Hotel by Jeramey Jannene, Urban Milwaukee

May 30, 2019

The new Saint Kate The Arts Hotel isn’t simply a case of throwing a new coat of paint on the former Intercontinental Hotel. Marcus Corp. has undertaken a top-to-bottom renovation that has transformed the downtown hotel into an art showcase. Read more.

Gallery artist, Sara Willadsen, has several pieces in this new collection of Saint Kate.

3 Art Gallery Exhibits to Visit in the Third Ward’s Marshall Building this Summer by Catherine Jozwik, Milwaukee Magazine

May 28, 2019

Milwaukee art lovers don’t have to wait until Gallery Night to see a number of unique and diverse art exhibits in the Third Ward. The historic Marshall Building (207 E. Buffalo St.) features more than 20 art galleries and studios specializing in everything from photography to pottery, acrylic paintings and sculptures. Stop by the Marshall Building to check out these current (and free) exhibitions and galleries this spring and summer. Read more.

Press Release: “Universal Fascination: A Modern Cabinet of Curiosity”, Urban Milwaukee

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – The Frank Juarez Gallery is pleased to present “Universal Fascination: A Modern Cabinet of Curiosity” featuring new work by James Demski, Eric Hancock, Angela Minga, Brandon Minga, Brad Towell, Stephanie Towell. Read more.

Patterns for the People by Catherine Jozwik, Urban Milwaukee

April 25, 2019

“Dual Nature,” the current exhibit at the Frank Juarez Gallery, melds the meditative symmetry of the natural world with the exactness of science, mathematics and technology in a series of patterned pieces.

The exhbition, on display through May 11, features 16 works by acrylic painter Tony Conrad and 2D artist Clint Fulkerson. Both artists have chosen to focus on their creative journey rather than the end results. Read more.

From baiting to embracing a 'slow path,' local artists respond to political tension by Mary Louise Schumacher, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

February 1, 2019

Artist David Najib Kasir envisioned a series of paintings related to the war in Syria, a place where he lived for a time, where his mother grew up and where he still has family. Read more.

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Paintings that make light all on their own by Mary Louise Schumacher

January 11, 2019

The fragile, ceramic model of a war-destroyed street in Aleppo by Alison Ruttan, combined with the faceless portraits of Syrian women and children by David Najib Kasir are powerful indeed. Read more.

Art Review written by Sara Mulloy, January 2019 Milwaukee Gallery Guide

January 10, 2019

Jan2019_GalleryNight_review_Sara_Mulloy copy.jpg

Visual Art: The Artist as Thinker by Todd Mrozinski, Urban Milwaukee

November 7, 2018

As I entered the Frank Juarez Gallery, I felt like I had stepped into another realm; the annoyance of honking cars and political ads melted away as I felt the calm of this artist-made sacred space infuse me. Ryan Woolgar’s work is based on thought.  Read more.

Milwaukee Arts Head Uptown: A town known for blue collars, beer, and brats offers a maturing citywide arts scene, by John Scott Lewinski

October 15, 2018

The old, stereotypical image of Milwaukee always includes a mug of beer, a sausage and a blue collared work shirt. Some would throw in an orange and black motorcycle and a hunk of cheese.

Burdened with a long, tough winter, the city looks to squeeze every drop of sunshine out of the warmer seasons. “The City of Festivals” packs an ethnic-themed party into every weekend somewhere — drawing hundreds of thousands of people out to celebrate a diverse, if often mismatched culture. More recently, the emergence of Summerfest as the world’s largest free music festival brought in the like of The Rolling Stones, The Dave Matthews Band, Lady Gaga and others to the city’s Lake Michigan shoreline.

Amidst all of that activity and all of those cultural touchstones, there’s rarely any mention of the city’s youthful, energetic fine art scene. Milwaukee’s evolution is closing down factories and warehouses, while opening galleries and studios.

The city stands shoulder to shoulder with other midwestern cities transitioning from industrial manufacturing centers to entrepreneurial hotbeds. With New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami already well-stocked with artists amidst their traditional, powerhouse gallery lineups, many up and coming painters, sculptures and their kin head to smaller cities like Austin, Minneapolis, Detroit and now Milwaukee as an alternative to more hyper-competitive scenes. Read more.

The mop as muse: Art inspired by locally made mops featured in Algoma exhibit, Green Bay Press-Gazette

October 3, 2018

Think of a mop — wet, dirty, sloppy, utilitarian, ordinary. But artistic inspiration? For Milwaukee-based artist Melissa Dorn, yes, it is. She'll show what comes from it in "Mopping Up," her solo exhibit of mop-inspired paintings, drawings and multi-media sculptures opening Friday evening at Yardstick, a book shop and gallery in downtown Algoma. Read more.

Local mop maker inspires an artist to come to Algoma by Terry Kovarik , Door County Daily News

September 19, 2018

Algoma Mop Manufacturers gave Milwaukee-area artist Melissa Dorn some material for her latest works. She was also inspired to showcase those works in Algoma. Dorn’s exhibition is called Mopping Up. It looks at the design and functionality of mops and their potential. Dorn’s idea started with a childhood memory. A visit to East Shore Industries, which makes Algoma Mops, helped bring the concept for “Mopping Up” to light. Listen to interview.

Frank Juarez (and Friends) Ask 'What Would Lynne Tillman Do?' by Shane McAdams, Shepherd Express

August 8, 2018

“The Book Club: What Would We Do with Lynne Tillman?,” at  Frank Juarez Gallery (through Sept. 1), pulls its title from the essay collection, What Would Lynne Tillman Do?, written by, maybe you saw this coming: Lynne Tillman. Read more. 

Art: Mopping Up The World by Todd Mrozinski, Urban Milwaukee

February 3, 2018

The word is mop.

Which made Melissa Dorn Richards think of mophead. Her mother used to call her this because she was a curly-headed child.

She came upon the word while reading Sarah Thornton’s book, 33 Artists in 3 Acts, a series of compelling portraits of contemporary artists. She wrote down the word and began thinking about it. This was in 2015 and that moment has spurred a body of work which has consumed the last three years of her life, leading to the work we see at “Mopping Up,” her current exhibition at Frank Juarez Gallery. Read more.

Melissa Dorn Richards 'Mopping Up' at Frank Juarez Gallery by Kat Kneevers, Shepherd Express

January 16, 2018

Most of us are probably not very interested in humble mops but Melissa Dorn Richards’ take on the subject will change your perspective. Her suite of paintings, sculptures and installations in the exhibition “Mopping Up” at Frank Juarez Gallery elegantly travels between minimalist and expressionistic impulses. Read more

Dorn Richards transforms humble mop heads into paintings and sculpture by Jim Higgins, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

January 11, 2018

Consider the mop, the Rodney Dangerfield of the hall closet.

The broom, at least, can be a symbol of power. Baseball players break out the brooms to celebrate sweeping a series against an opponent. But the mop-up man is the lowliest reliever, tasked with absorbing innings after other pitchers have made a mess.

Now artist Melissa Dorn Richards has elevated the mop from afterthought to star in a new exhibit at Frank Juarez Gallery.  Read more.

10,000 local faces now part of Fox Cities Exhibition Center by Shane Nyman, USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin

January 8, 2018

APPLETON - The vast majority of Fox Cities residents have yet to step foot inside the Fox Cities Exhibition Center. Yet thousands of their faces are on display inside the soon-to-open facility in downtown Appleton. "We Are Here," an original work of art featuring portraits of about 10,000 people taken in recent months, was installed Monday inside the new exhibition center on Lawrence Street.

Rob Neilson, Lawrence University Frederick R. Layton professor of art and associate professor, is behind the project, which features 10 framed faces, each made from a mosaic of about a thousand smaller faces. The full spread covers an area of about 10 feet by 7 feet and is displayed on a north-facing wall in the building's lower level. Read more

Artful Investigation with Melissa Dorn Richards by Rochelle Melander. Photo by David Szymanski.

January 2018

courtesy of M Magazine

courtesy of M Magazine

She Came from Sheboygan Falls: Up-and-coming artist Sara Willadsen takes a thoughtful approach to her paintings and collages by Brendan Murphy, Urban Milwaukee

November 17, 2017

Sara Willadsen is a 30-year-old Sheboygan Falls native who has shown her art around the country, including Los Angeles, Texas, and Chicago. Her works mix collage and paintings to create exterior scenes that can be both simple and complex. Read more.

The Art of Collage and Assemblage - Kolaj Magazine

October 5, 2017

The exhibition explores traditional, digital and innovative applications to collage and assemblage works produced from various resources, such as, but not limited to, the use of magazine and newspaper clippings, paint, handmade papers, screen print, text, photographs and/or other found objects. Each piece provides the viewer a glimpse into the artist’s own world. Read more. 

Gallery Night and Day goes outside - and inside by Sarah Hauer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

July 20, 2017

At the peak of summer, it's time to take Gallery Night outside.

In addition to the more than 40 spaces that will show art at the quarterly event Friday and Saturday, the city is bustling with public art. So take a walk on your way from gallery to gallery to truly embrace the city's art offerings. Read more. 

'Street Artists of Milwaukee' at the Frank Juarez Gallery by Tyler Friedman

June 22, 2017

In “Street Artists of Milwaukee,” June 24 through Aug. 5 at the Frank Juarez Gallery, five Wisconsin artists demonstrate their unique takes on street art.  Read more. 

Frank Juarez Gallery to exhibit Street Artists of Milwaukee by Lee Matz

June 12, 2017

This exhibition, co-curated by Frank Juarez and Stacey Williams-Ng of Wallpapered City, will feature the works of a select few artists who have made a difference in the Milwaukee urban landscape with outdoor murals and artistic expressions. Juarez a career of supporting artists who work in painting, photography, sculpture, video, installation, and mixed media works. Read more. 

What to check out at Spring 2017 Gallery Night and Day by Sarah Hauer

April 20, 2017

Green grass has returned, and so has the quarterly Gallery Night & Day. This year’s spring event has more than 40 spaces around town participating. Here's a few to check out. Read more

With new gallery, Frank Juarez extends role as artistic advocate by Rafael Salas

April 18, 2017

With stalwart vision and dauntless optimism, Frank Juarez has returned to the Third Ward. The Frank Juarez Gallery opened recently in a modest space on the top floor of the Marshall Building. It gives Juarez, once again, a voice of artistic advocacy in Milwaukee. Read more

Frank Juarez Gallery Opens Gallery in Third Ward by Kat Kneevers

April 12, 2017

There is a new gallery in Milwaukee, but its history actually goes a long way back. Frank Juarez has been active in the arts scene in Milwaukee, as well as Sheboygan, for more than a decade. Read more

Frank Juarez Returns to Third Ward by Tyler Friedman

March 30, 2017

After spending the past decade focusing his arts activities in Sheboygan where he is the art department chair at Sheboygan North High School, Frank Juarez is returning the Frank Juarez Gallery to the Third Ward—specifically, 207 E. Buffalo Street, Suite 600. Read more