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Exchanging Glances featuring works by Raeleen Kao and Zach Mory

February 24 - April 7

Reception: February 24 with an artist talk at 4pm followed by a reception

Raeleen Kao and Zach Mory are two artists with sore eyes and hands, who fell into a deep mutual love with drawing. As social media has taken precedence in how we view artistic works, artists also glean inspiration from one another on those platforms as well. Having known one another for years and then having watched each other’s work evolve specifically through Instagram and Facebook, Kao and Mory’s drawings, cut pieces and assemblages are externalized documentations of their pasts. Through their use of personal and historical symbols, Mory’s mark-making personified drawings and Kao’s anatomically based references to mortality silently share internalized conversations with one another. These works are used as vehicles to represent the body/person and by putting them next to one another is like having an unsaid conversation between objects, which represent people in varied forms.