Michael Davidson

After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in both Painting and Ceramic Sculpture from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 1985, Michael studied at Purchase College - State University of New York with Robert Storr and Irving Sandler. In 1988, while completing his Master of Fine Arts in Painting, he moved to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. While in New York City, he worked with curators and artists installing art for the Guggenheim Museum, International Center of Photography, The American Craft Museum, John Weber Gallery, Metro Pictures and numerous galleries and private collections. In 2011 he started teaching at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, where while Chair of Fine Arts he helped develop a completely new contemporary studio curriculum and degree program. Michael teaches both the painting and sculpture with a specific focus on critique. His work has been exhibited at numerous galleries in the Midwest and in New York, most recently at the Reinstitute, an alternative gallery in upstate New York. 

Past Exhibition

New Paintings by Michael Davidson

April 14 - May 26, 2018

Michael Davidson’s new paintings focus on the specific and evocative. They can be experienced as tense turning points unfolding on the stage of the small canvas. They are moments of uneasy stasis pregnant with potential, they are situations amplified by their contrasting humble scale. Inspiring prolonged contemplation, these moments on the picture plane function as one act plays. Exploring the possibilities of painting’s convincingness, these subtly evocative paintings are simultaneously straightforward and cryptic, abstract yet remotely figurative. Richly visceral in seductive visual language - unconventional compositions, enticing chromatic maps, and finessed viscous transitions- these new works are arenas elusive of any definitive narrative and they remain steadfastly open arguments.


Available Works

To inquire, please call 920.559.7181 or email frankjuarezgallery@gmail.com

To inquire, please call 920.559.7181 or email frankjuarezgallery@gmail.com