2019 Exhibitions


Misplaced Math of Homes & Families” featuring works by David Najib Kasir and Alison Ruttan

January 12 - March 9

Reception: January 12, 5-8pm

Open during Milwaukee Gallery Night & Day: January 18 & 19

Artist Talk: 1/19, 2-3pm

War alters societies and art can document the lives lived and lost as well as gauge the change. The Middle East has been involved in war for centuries, but for nearly the past eight years, Syria has seen bombings, bloodshed, destruction, fatigue and the fragmentation of homes and families that have not been  seen in the modern age of civilization. The Misplaced Math of Homes & Families brings artists, David Najib Kasir and Allison Ruttan to collectively bring their sculptures and paintings to convey the turmoil of a country in chaotic conflict. Kasir introduces the viewer to the bloodied and tired people and their shattered families, Ruttan invites you to the homes they abandoned with the ghosts of loved ones lost within the ruins.

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Dual Nature featuring new works by Tony Conrad and Clint Fulkerson

March 16  - May 11

Reception: March 23, 5-8pm

Open during Milwaukee Gallery Night & Day: April 26& 27

Artist Talk: 4/27, 2-3pm

In “Dual Nature,” the works of Tony Conrad and Clint Fulkerson clearly share an affinity to pattern as they reference various complex visual systems inspired by nature both physically, and metaphorically. More importantly, the artworks in this exhibition are telling of two artists heavily concerned with process. 

Conrad’s pattern centric paintings exhibit a relentless commitment to the making and remaking of seemingly similar marks while evoking the nature of meditative states. Fulkerson’s hypnotic detailed disc drawings are influenced by science, math, and systems of organization which manifest a curiosity of an ever-evolving world.  

Universal Fascination: A Modern Cabinet of Curiosity

featuring works by James Demski, Eric Hancock, Angela Minga, Brandon Minga, Brad Towell, and Stephanie Towell. Guest curator: James Demski

May 18 - July 6

Reception:  May 18, 5-8pm

Natural history, landforms, science, diagrams, medical illustrations, items under glass, art, abstraction, etc, both real AND invented, have enticed humanity for many years. We invite you to view our modern interpretation of a “Cabinet of Curiosities.” In this modern/artistic interpretation, we will have on display, things that will draw you in for an intimate look at what we have created. We encourage you to closely study the pieces, and ask questions. Beauty is in the world all around us, and the way we interpret it makes it even more interesting.

SPARK: Material Studios & Gallery Group Show

featuring works by Pamela Anderson, Nina Ghanbarzadeh, Clare Jorgensen, Nirmal Raja, Bela Roongta, and Alan Thompson Wallace. Guest curator: Barbara O’Brien

July 13- August 31

Reception:  July 13, 5-8pm

Open during Milwaukee Gallery Night & Day: July 19 & 20

Curator and Artist Talk: July 20, 2-3pm

SPARK is an exhibition with an inventive and ambitious origin and goal. Curator Barbara O’Brien, who moved to Milwaukee in May 2018 from Kansas City where she served as Executive Director (2012-17) and Director of Exhibitions and Collections (2009-12)at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. She was invited to curate an exhibition that featured artists from the Material Studio. Selections were based on studio visits where each artist was invited to share one work with O’Brien that was on the “leading edge” of their practice. Six artists were selected to meet with O’Brien over the next year as they develop this new work for SPARK. “What a marvelous welcome to Milwaukee,” said O’Brien. “The dialog between artist and curator will undoubtedly generate surprise and excitement not only for me, but also for the artists and visitors to the exhibition.”

Purgatory Misplaced: New work by Rob Neilson

September 7 - October 26

Reception: September 7, 5-8pm

Open during Milwaukee Gallery Night & Day: October 18 & 19

Artist Talk: October 19, 2-3pm

The term purgatory comes to us from the Latin purgatorium,meaning “a place of cleansing”. The content of this new body of free standing and relief sculpture is centered on the exchange between the idiosyncratic and collective associations borrowed from the imagery of the iconic depictions coupled with the form of classical bust sculpture: Specifically, the form of the double herma with its implications of borders and boundaries.

With the ethos that in an absurd world only the farcical is truly genuine, Neilson creates sculptures that tease at the liminal spaces existing somewhere between truth and fiction, joy and suffering, redemption and damnation. All in an impish attempt to divulge the significance we give our individual narrative – be it reliable or not.

Dale Knaak: New works on paper

November 2 - December 14

Reception: November 2, 5-8pm with artist talk from 4-5pm

This new body of work is a synthesis of two basic disciplines of art: drawing and painting. The use of a paper support, as the title suggests, is the constant theme. The intimate nature of drawing creates the foundation of each piece and is an essential element of the finished surface, which merges the boundaries between drawing and painting.


INDIANA GREEN Celebrates its 10th Year Anniversary  

July 25 - August 25, 2019 

Reception: July 31, 6-8pm

Featured artists: Pamela Anderson, Cristian Andersson, Ann Baer, Brandon Bauer,  Reggie Baylor, Tom Berenz, Kendra Bulgrin, Rory Burke, Tony Conrad, Eddee Daniel, Michael Davidson, Melissa Dorn, Daniel Fleming, Jenie Gao, Nina Ghanbarzadeh, Ariana Huggett, Erica Huntzinger, Shayna Illingworth, Kay Jelinek, Michael Kautzer, Dale Knaak, Tiffany Knopow, John Kowalcyk, Dara Larson, Trent Miller, Brandon Minga, Todd Mrozinski, Rob Neilson, Chris Niver, Mary Overman, Kendall Polster, Jared Patton Plock, Nirmal Raja, Jeff Redmon, Sara Risley, Darrell Roberts, Rafael Francisco Salas, Kate E. Schaffer, Christian Sis, Christine Style, Krista Svalbonas, Dean Valadez, Allison Wade, Dave Watkins, Serena Weits, Della Wells, Lisa Wicka, Chuck Wickler, Sara Willadsen, Chris Willey, Jayme Harvey Wilms, and Jessica Zalewski.

Location: Cedarburg Cultural Center

About Indiana Green

Indiana Green started in Sheboygan, Wisconsin in 2010. It was curated by artist, Frank Juarez, as a way to pay respect to artists that supported him. What was supposed to be a one-year exhibition gradually grew gaining the attention of artist living and working in Wisconsin. In 2013, he and Melissa Dorn started to co-curate this highly anticipated exhibition. Since 2017, Indiana Green has traveled across the state of Wisconsin with a new annual roster of artists. To date, it has featured 74 artists. 





Mopping Up featuring new works by Melissa Dorn

January 6 - February 17

In 2015, Melissa Dorn began obsessing over mops.  Mopping Up, heavily influenced by industrial mop heads, comments on issues around labor, women’s work, and abstraction. The exhibition features drawings, paintings and sculptures as well as an altering of the gallery space.


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Exchanging Glances featuring works by Raeleen Kao and Zach Mory

February 24 - April 7

Raeleen Kao and Zach Mory are two artists with sore eyes and hands, who fell into a deep mutual love with drawing. As social media has taken precedence in how we view artistic works, artists also glean inspiration from one another on those platforms as well. Having known one another for years and then having watched each other’s work evolve specifically through Instagram and Facebook, Kao and Mory’s drawings, cut pieces and assemblages are externalized documentations of their pasts. Through their use of personal and historical symbols, Mory’s mark-making personified drawings and Kao’s anatomically based references to mortality silently share internalized conversations with one another. These works are used as vehicles to represent the body/person and by putting them next to one another is like having an unsaid conversation between objects, which represent people in varied forms. 


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New Paintings by Michael Davidson

April 14 - May 26

Michael Davidson’s new paintings focus on the specific and evocative. They can be experienced as tense turning points unfolding on the stage of the small canvas. They are moments of uneasy stasis pregnant with potential, they are situations amplified by their contrasting humble scale. Inspiring prolonged contemplation, these moments on the picture plane function as one act plays. Exploring the possibilities of painting’s convincingness, these subtly evocative paintings are simultaneously straightforward and cryptic, abstract yet remotely figurative. Richly visceral in seductive visual language - unconventional compositions, enticing chromatic maps, and finessed viscous transitions- these new works are arenas elusive of any definitive narrative and they remain steadfastly open arguments.


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365 Artists 365 Days Project Group Exhibition

co-curated by the Frank Juarez Gallery and Greymatter Gallery

June 9 - July 14

Reception: June 9, 5-8pm

Frank Juarez Gallery and Greymatter Gallery continue their collaboration with a 365 Artists 365 Days Juried Group Exhibition. What began as a one-year project transitioned into a two-year project, which ended in 2015. Three years later, the duo will co-curate an ambitious exhibition featuring local, national, and international artists from this project and bringing it to Milwaukee. This exhibition will feature works by Christian Arrecis (Illinois), Jill Christian (New Mexico), Nina Ghanbarzadeh (Wisconsin), Sam Haring (Ohio), Jeanne Heifetz (New York), Colleen Keihm (Illinois), Laurie LeBreton (Illinois), Jennifer Scheuer (Indiana), Emily Swinsick (California), Casey Whittier (Kansas), Connie Wolfe (Illinois), and Ana Perez Ventura (France).

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The Book Club: What Would We Do With Lynne Tillman?

July 20 - September 1, 2018

featuring works by Peter Beck, Lois Bielefeld, Melissa Dorn, Jaymee Harvey Willms, and Kate E. Schaffer

What happens when five artists ask the question What Would Lynne Tillman Do? They choose, of course, to read the book What Would Lynne Tillman Do? by Lynne Tillman.  Then, they find out that they don’t know what to do with Lynne Tillman.  Book Club: What would we do with Lynne Tillman?  is the book club’s way of processing the book and conversing with Lynne Tillman, each other, and you.

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featuring new works by Sara Willadsen

September 8 - October 20, 2018

With this series, Willadsen’s work deviates from environments and structures to focus on curated, contained objects. By carefully arranging collage materials within specific parameters, she is able to analyze her visual language as well as use this act of simplifying as an agent for clarity. Each composition is made with restraint and reveals an organized, deconstructed view that can typically only be seen early on in her creative process.


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featuring new works by Ryan Woolgar

October 27 - December 8

During this residency, Ryan Woolgar continues on his quest to simplify. With this as a theme, the artist hopes to provide just enough information for the viewer to form a more complete image of their own. Ultimately, the work will offer the audience a moment of personal reflection. 



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Indiana Green: A Wisconsin Group Exhibition

June 9 - July 21, 2018

Parts Unknown Studio, 1035 S. 5th Street, Milwaukee, WI  53204

The Frank Juarez Gallery is happy to announce the 9th segment of Indiana Green: A Wisconsin Group Exhibition. Featured artists include: Lois Bielefeld (Milwaukee), Kendra Bulgrin (Algoma), Michael Davidson (Milwaukee), Jaymee Harvey Willms (Milwaukee), Trent Miller (Madison), Nirmal Raja (Milwaukee), Jeff Redmon (Milwaukee), LaNia Sproles (Milwaukee), and Lisa Wicka (Marinette). 

Indiana Green is an annual group exhibition featuring 2-D and 3-D works by artists living and working in Wisconsin. This exhibition introduces a diverse body of work by artists ranging from such as but not limited to: paintings to mixed media, sculpture to printmaking, installation to photography, and video to drawings.

Parts Unknown Studio is located at 1035 S. 5th Street, Milwaukee, WI  53204. Gallery hours are Saturdays, 10am-2pm. Indiana Green is co-curated by Frank Juarez and Melissa Dorn.

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