2018 Exhibitions



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featuring new works by Ryan Woolgar

October 27 - December 8

Closing reception: December 1, 5-8pm

During this residency, Ryan Woolgar continues on his quest to simplify. With this as a theme, the artist hopes to provide just enough information for the viewer to form a more complete image of their own. Ultimately, the work will offer the audience a moment of personal reflection. 





Mopping Up featuring new works by Melissa Dorn

January 6 - February 17

In 2015, Melissa Dorn began obsessing over mops.  Mopping Up, heavily influenced by industrial mop heads, comments on issues around labor, women’s work, and abstraction. The exhibition features drawings, paintings and sculptures as well as an altering of the gallery space.


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Exchanging Glances featuring works by Raeleen Kao and Zach Mory

February 24 - April 7

Raeleen Kao and Zach Mory are two artists with sore eyes and hands, who fell into a deep mutual love with drawing. As social media has taken precedence in how we view artistic works, artists also glean inspiration from one another on those platforms as well. Having known one another for years and then having watched each other’s work evolve specifically through Instagram and Facebook, Kao and Mory’s drawings, cut pieces and assemblages are externalized documentations of their pasts. Through their use of personal and historical symbols, Mory’s mark-making personified drawings and Kao’s anatomically based references to mortality silently share internalized conversations with one another. These works are used as vehicles to represent the body/person and by putting them next to one another is like having an unsaid conversation between objects, which represent people in varied forms. 


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New Paintings by Michael Davidson

April 14 - May 26

Michael Davidson’s new paintings focus on the specific and evocative. They can be experienced as tense turning points unfolding on the stage of the small canvas. They are moments of uneasy stasis pregnant with potential, they are situations amplified by their contrasting humble scale. Inspiring prolonged contemplation, these moments on the picture plane function as one act plays. Exploring the possibilities of painting’s convincingness, these subtly evocative paintings are simultaneously straightforward and cryptic, abstract yet remotely figurative. Richly visceral in seductive visual language - unconventional compositions, enticing chromatic maps, and finessed viscous transitions- these new works are arenas elusive of any definitive narrative and they remain steadfastly open arguments.


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365 Artists 365 Days Project Group Exhibition

co-curated by the Frank Juarez Gallery and Greymatter Gallery

June 9 - July 14

Reception: June 9, 5-8pm

Frank Juarez Gallery and Greymatter Gallery continue their collaboration with a 365 Artists 365 Days Juried Group Exhibition. What began as a one-year project transitioned into a two-year project, which ended in 2015. Three years later, the duo will co-curate an ambitious exhibition featuring local, national, and international artists from this project and bringing it to Milwaukee. This exhibition will feature works by Christian Arrecis (Illinois), Jill Christian (New Mexico), Nina Ghanbarzadeh (Wisconsin), Sam Haring (Ohio), Jeanne Heifetz (New York), Colleen Keihm (Illinois), Laurie LeBreton (Illinois), Jennifer Scheuer (Indiana), Emily Swinsick (California), Casey Whittier (Kansas), Connie Wolfe (Illinois), and Ana Perez Ventura (France).

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The Book Club: What Would We Do With Lynne Tillman?

July 20 - September 1, 2018

featuring works by Peter Beck, Lois Bielefeld, Melissa Dorn, Jaymee Harvey Willms, and Kate E. Schaffer

What happens when five artists ask the question What Would Lynne Tillman Do? They choose, of course, to read the book What Would Lynne Tillman Do? by Lynne Tillman.  Then, they find out that they don’t know what to do with Lynne Tillman.  Book Club: What would we do with Lynne Tillman?  is the book club’s way of processing the book and conversing with Lynne Tillman, each other, and you.

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featuring new works by Sara Willadsen

September 8 - October 20, 2018

With this series, Willadsen’s work deviates from environments and structures to focus on curated, contained objects. By carefully arranging collage materials within specific parameters, she is able to analyze her visual language as well as use this act of simplifying as an agent for clarity. Each composition is made with restraint and reveals an organized, deconstructed view that can typically only be seen early on in her creative process.


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Indiana Green: A Wisconsin Group Exhibition

June 9 - July 21, 2018

Parts Unknown Studio, 1035 S. 5th Street, Milwaukee, WI  53204

The Frank Juarez Gallery is happy to announce the 9th segment of Indiana Green: A Wisconsin Group Exhibition. Featured artists include: Lois Bielefeld (Milwaukee), Kendra Bulgrin (Algoma), Michael Davidson (Milwaukee), Jaymee Harvey Willms (Milwaukee), Trent Miller (Madison), Nirmal Raja (Milwaukee), Jeff Redmon (Milwaukee), LaNia Sproles (Milwaukee), and Lisa Wicka (Marinette). 

Indiana Green is an annual group exhibition featuring 2-D and 3-D works by artists living and working in Wisconsin. This exhibition introduces a diverse body of work by artists ranging from such as but not limited to: paintings to mixed media, sculpture to printmaking, installation to photography, and video to drawings.

Parts Unknown Studio is located at 1035 S. 5th Street, Milwaukee, WI  53204. Gallery hours are Saturdays, 10am-2pm. Indiana Green is co-curated by Frank Juarez and Melissa Dorn.

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