Artist talk with David Najib Kasir and Alison Ruttan at the Frank Juarez Gallery

On February 16 we hosted an artist talk with David Najib Kasir and Alison Ruttan. The artists talk about how the idea of Misplaced Math of Homes and Families came to be, how they met as well as their own work. Misplaced Math of Homes and Families end March 9, 2019.

The Frank Juarez Gallery is located at 207 E. Buffalo Street, #600, Milwaukee, WI 53202. Gallery hours are Saturdays from 11am-4pm.

Running time: 28:10

War alters societies and art can document the lives lived and lost as well as gauge the change. The Middle East has been involved in war for centuries, but for nearly the past eight years, Syria has seen bombings, bloodshed, destruction, fatigue and the fragmentation of homes and families that have not been seen in the modern age of civilization. The Misplaced Math of Homes & Familiesbrings artists, David Najib Kasir and Alison Ruttan to collectively bring their paintings and sculptures, respectively, to convey the turmoil of a country in chaotic conflict. Kasir introduces the viewer to the bloodied and tired people and their shattered families. Ruttan invites you to the homes they abandoned with the ghosts of loved ones lost within the ruins.

David Najib Kasir is an Arab American artist born in 1977 to immigrant parents of Iraq and Syria. Kasir's work is comprised of personal narratives and surrounds the act of coming to terms with the challenges of life, family, love, war, home and loss. His work transcends the basic conversation of the issues surrounding Syria and the Middle East and gives you something truly palpable that you feel you are able to emotionally connect with as a subject matter to create a better understand. Kasir has exhibited regularly throughout the Midwest as he lives and paints in Milwaukee's Walker's Point.

Alison Ruttan is an American artist who was born in 1954. Ruttan investigates characteristics of human behavior through insightful works that reveal our propensity aggression. Her work invokes lost places of homes and invite us to revisit the suffering of the people who remain in the aftermath of the destruction. Ruttan has had several gallery and museum exhibitions, including the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art and at the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Columbia College Chicago, showing both nationally and internationally. Ruttan is an Assistant Professor in Contemporary Practices at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

15 minutes with David Najib Kasir, MKE Lifestyle Magazine

Artist David Najib Kasir was recently interviewed by Nan Bialek, writer for MKE Lifestyle Magazine. David is currently exhibiting new works in “Misplaced Math of Homes & Families” at the Frank Juarez Gallery. Ends March 9, 2019

Frank Juarez Gallery

207 E. Buffalo Street, #600

Milwaukee, WI 53202

Gallery hours: Saturdays from 11am - 4pm.

We will be having an artist talk with David Najib Kasir and Alison Ruttan on February 16 from 2-3pm. Click here to RSVP. Space is limited.

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